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Watch my video and learn how to make"3 refreshing summer drinks at home (part 2)"
We are again here with our new recipes of drinks for the summer heat . Refreshing drinks which calm our minds in this warm summers. Take a sip and go into a blissfull journey. Do try this at home !!
Virgin Mojito
1. Lemon
4.Powdered sugar
5. Ice cubes
Take a glass add half lemon (4 pieces) , some mint and a pinch of salt. Crush the mixture with the help of(Crusher) in the glass itself after crushing add powered sugar 1 tbsp and crush for some time. Then, Ice cubes until glass gets full the add soda add some lemon slices and mint and lemon slice for garnishing stir and your Virgin mojito is ready..

Roohafza Lemonade.
1. Roohafza
3.Basil seeds
4.Black salt
5.Cumin powder
Take a glass add 4 tbsp of rose syrup , squeeze half lemon , 2 tbsp Basil seeds, pinch of
Black salt, pinch of Cumin powder and add water and ice cubes stir
And slice of lemon for the decoration and your roohafza Lemonade is now ready!!!
Kacche Aam Ki Sharbat
1.Boiled raw mango pulp
2.Black salt
4.Roasted Cumin powder
5.Green cardamom powder
Mint mango drink
Boiled raw mango pulp (Peel raw mango and cut off its pulp in a container add 2-3 table spoon of water and boil until it is completely cooked and soft). In grinder add that boiled pulp,1 cup powdered sugar, 1/4 tbsp black salt, 1/4 tbsp salt, 1/2 tbsp cumin powder, 1/4 tbsp Chat masala and green cardamom powder
For each glass ,
Add 2 tbsp of Kacche Aam Ki puree , add water and ice. And your Kacche Aam Ki Sharbat is now ready!!!
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